RESTful integration at QCon and my Dr. Dobbs podcast


I just got back from QCon in San Francisco. QCon is one of the best conferences around (IMHO). The speakers are great, the content quality is excellent, and the hallway conversations are thought provoking. If only I could’ve attended more!

My presentation was around a fictional “Mule Manufacturing Co.” that made foamy toy Mules. It highlighted how Mule can make building RESTful applications a lot easier. I think Mule really stands out from other middleware in this arena because you can:

  • Build services with JAX-RS
  • Build and consume services with Restlet
  • Do RESTful routing with URI templates
  • Use Mule’s built in ETag polling support to trigger events
  • Seamlessly integrate AtomPub services into your application

If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve uploaded my slides and a copy of my demo application to the Mule Cookbook. You can also peruse the Mule RESTpack documentation.

In other news, I recently did a podcast with Dr Dobbs where I talk about a number topics from SOA governance best practices to to what we’re up to at MuleSource. All you podcast lovers be sure to check it out!

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