15 MuleSoft Community Meetups to attend in December and January

MuleSoft Meetups

November was a record month with 15 Meetups across 8 countries and near 800 registered attendees! That same month, amazing volunteer MuleSoft users in Portland (OR), Orange County (CA), Richmond (VA), Northern Jersey (NJ), Recife (Brazil), Copenhagen (Denmark), Noida (India) and Valletta (Malta) raised their hands to start bringing their local MuleSoft community together. If you live in one of these areas, make sure to join the group to be notified when the first event is scheduled.

Despite the holidays, December and January prove to be busy months as well. Five Meetups already happened in December, and we have 15 more coming up!

And since  good news never comes alone, we’re happy to announce that we’re extending our Community Success Months to January 31st, which means that Meetup Leaders have one more month to present on the many resources available to expand your skills on MuleSoft and offer a free certification exam voucher to all their attendees to put in practice the advice they’ve received.

Read on for more details and to register for an event near you. If you are not a member of a MuleSoft Meetup group yet, be sure to check out the 103 groups we have across the globe to be notified when a Meetup is scheduled near you.

Interested in speaking at a Meetup or being involved in the organization? Contact us! Our Meetup Leaders and speakers receive free training classes and certification exams.

Upcoming Meetups in December

Baltimore, Maryland – December 12th, 2018

Join Manju Kumara Hanumanthappa, Integration Developer, and Jon Tarrant, Delivery Manager, Enterprise Integration, both with Allegis Group, as they lead their second Meetup in the Baltimore area! This meeting will be an excellent opportunity to get to know more about Mule 4.

Dallas, Texas – December 13th, 2018

Miguel Martinez, Senior MuleSoft Consultant at AVIO Consulting, and Ruman Khan, Integration Specialist at Bank of America, are hosting a special hands-on experience where they’ll teach everyone how to use Mule 4 to integrate with Salesforce. This exercise will be much more fun if you bring your laptop pre-installed with Mule 4. If you are unable to, don’t worry: you can still learn about Mule 4 as they will be sharing their screen.

Los Angeles, California – December 13th, 2018

Our Los Angeles group is kicking off again! Join Bipesh Pokharel, Client Services Architect at Apisero, as he shares the recent updates that were made on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. Bryan Kwon, Senior DevOps Engineer at City National Bank will share his best Mule 4 tips and tricks as well.

Delhi, India – December 15th, 2018

For the third Meetup in Delhi, Ankit Lawaniya, Senior Developer at Optum Global Solutions, and Hemant Kumar Singh, Senior Software Developer at BirlaSoft, will present the basics of unit testing with MUnit and Mule integration with KAFKA. They’ll also cover the multiple ways available to learn how to use MuleSoft and become certified.

Pune, India – December 15th, 2018

Our Pune Meetup Leadership team put together a great agenda for this new event in the city. This time, Dnyaneshwar Aghaw, Technical Solution Architect at Bolt India, and Vikalp Bhalia, Associate Consultant at Capgemini, will lead a technical session on Salesforce and explain how they use the Salesforce connector in their integrations. The event is already at capacity, but make sure to join the Pune group to be notified of the next event and be the first to register. You can also join the waitlist for this event, in case more tickets become available. Join the Pune group | Join the waitlist

Atlanta, Georgia – December 17th, 2018

Join your peers in Atlanta, and discover the latest about Mule 4! Aaron Unterberger, Associate Solution Consultant at MuleSoft, and Rajnish Kumar, CTO at Vanrish Technologies, are leading this session. Don’t miss the last event of the year in Atlanta – this one will have a surprise!

New York City – December 18th, 2018

Join Gean Martinez, Director of Data Technology and Strategy at Silverline, and Suyog Gandhi, Customer Success Director at MuleSoft, as they host their first event as local group leaders. Gean will discuss his goals for the group in 2019 and listen to topic suggestions for future events. Edgar Moran, Integration Architect at Sitetracker, will share his MuleSoft journey with the audience. There will be ample time for networking at the end of the event.

Paris, France – December 19th, 2018

Join Sebastien Bergougnoux, CEO of Devoteam nexDigital, as he presents how to configure and deploy APIs with Anypoint Platform. UTB (Union Technique du Batiment) will share their journey with APIs and MuleSoft, and will explain how they contributed to the enterprise’s digital transformation.

Tel-Aviv, Israel – December 20th, 2018

Join Matan Monitz, Manager of Security Automation and Cybersecurity Operations at PayPal, as he organizes the second Meetup in Tel-Aviv. This time, he’ll cover two topics: how to get trained and become a MuleSoft-certified developer, and how he uses an AMQ-based backend architecture, its advantages and disadvantages for MuleSoft.

Upcoming Meetups in January

Ahmedabad, India – January 5th, 2019

Tejas Purohit and Rajeshkumar Maheshvari, co-founders of BasilRoot, are relaunching the Ahmedabad Meetup group! This time, they’ll discuss what’s new in Mule 4, as well as the best testing strategies and practices. They’ll also gather topics requests for upcoming events from the attendees.

Columbus, Ohio – January 11th, 2019

Join Ralph Osmond Rimorin, Solution Architect at Collibra, and Jyothikiran Sale, Senior Consultant at Philips 66, as they lead an exciting workshop on Mule 4. Bring your laptop! Ralph and Jyothikiran will show you how to build an API with RAML and APIKit, and then deploy it on-prem or Cloudhub. They’ll share with you some of their best practices and will show you how to deploy and run an application on a Raspberry PI.

Tampa Bay, Florida – January 16th, 2019

Join R.J. Salicco, Technical Architect at New York Life, and Barnes Marshall, Senior Integration Consultant at MS3, as they gather the local community to start the year off right! The group will discuss the recent release and MuleSoft news.

Joinville, Brazil – January 22nd, 2019

For this first Meetup in Joinville, join Fernando Nereu de Souza, Solutions Architect at TIGRE, as he presents an introduction to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and how it works. The group will review how to use backend architecture.

Phoenix, Arizona – January 24th, 2019

Join Vijay Rao and the Apisero team as they organize a special event to celebrate the group’s first anniversary. Phoenix has been a very active group over the past year, and the content presented has always been very insightful. This time, Vijay, Practice Head, will present Runtime Fabric, Deepak Haldar, Senior Consultant, will cover dedicated load balancers, and a panel will discuss “Why Mule?”. The event will conclude on a social hour and ample networking.

Solingen, Germany – January 24th, 2019

Join Roger Butenuth and Daniel Kocot, Solution Architects at codecentric AG, as they’ll lead discussions around “API as a product”, and functional operators in DataWeave, beyond “map”. There’ll be ample time for networking as well.

Past Meetups

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