6 MuleSoft Developer Meetups to attend before 2018!

mulesoft developer meetups

Are you curious about how Anypoint Platform works? Do you want to know what API-led connectivity is? Do you want to take advantage of the recent Anypoint Platform Nov ‘17 release or the Mule 4 release candidate?

Then ask a practitioner with hands-on experience in-person! Our global MuleSoft Developer Meetup program is designed to bring together all practitioners to exchange ideas–– from developers and architects to anyone who wants to build APIs and integrations. The program has grown exponentially since its launch in June, and we’ve seen – in the past month only – an average of 3 Meetups a week all around the globe!

As the end of the year approaches, our leaders are organizing more Meetups, and they are eager to meet with their local communities to share the new features of the Anypoint Platform Nov ‘17  release, Mule 4 and Studio 7 release candidates. Here’s a roundup of past MuleSoft Developer Meetups and what’s to come in the MuleSoft community until the end of the year.

Meetup highlights from the past month

Many community members stepped up to become Meetup leaders in the past month, and many also took the leap and held their first events. We would like to thank them for their efforts in contributing to their local MuleSoft community. Here are some of the highlights: 

Brisbane, Australia

Savio Mascarenhas, Senior Development Officer at Department of Transport and Main Roads, hosted his very first Meetup in Brisbane, Australia, to discuss the Mule 4 release candidate.

brisbane australia mulesoft meetup

Ahmedabad, India

Tejas Purohit and Rajeshkumar Maheshvari, co-founders of BasilRoot Technologies, hosted the very first Meetup in India; in Ahmedabad. They provided an introduction into Anypoint Platform and gave an overview of the Salesforce connector.

india mulesoft meetup

Northeast Wisconsin

One of our customers, Menasha Corporation, hosted the very first Meetup in Northeast Wisconsin to discuss a variety of Anypoint Platform use cases.

wisconsin mulesoft meetup

Chicago, IL

Chicago also had its first event, organized by a team of Muleys led by Nick Schott, Senior Solutions Consultant at MuleSoft. The agenda included a session on Blockchains, led by Chuck Mackie, and an overview of the Anypoint Platform Nov. ’17 release and the Mule 4 release candidate.

chicago mulesoft meetup

Indianapolis, IN

We held our first MuleSoft developer Meetup in Indianapolis, also led by Nick Schott. The event also covered the Anypoint Platform Nov ‘17 release and the Mule 4 release candidate.

indianapolis mulesoft meetup

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Donald Krol, Solutions Consultant at MuleSoft in Amsterdam, organized the first Meetup in the Netherlands and introduced the new capabilities of the Anypoint Platform Nov. ’17 release.

Stockholm, Sweden

Ana Chiritescu, from our Swedish partner Enfo, organized the first event in Stockholm with the help of John Folkesson from Nordic Choice Hotels. The event was a success with over 20 attendees, and there is already a second Meetup planned for February!

sweden mulesoft meetup

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom 

Several of our customers met at the first Meetup in West Yorkshire, UK, led by Jason Goodwill from Saint-Gobain. They used this first session to introduce how they have been using MuleSoft over the past year and also discussed common areas of interest for future meetups.

In addition to the first-time MuleSoft Developer Meetups above, some long-time running groups also had an event this month. This includes:

Melbourne, Australia

Michael Hyatt and Kevin Finn in Melbourne hosted their second Meetup. This time they discussed how to increase the density of CloudHub workers, and covered a series of use cases behind Client and Marketplace integrations using Mule at FastTrack.

melbourne mulesoft meetup

London, United Kingdom

Rajesh Rajmangal and Thomas Peach from Pace Integration led another MuleSoft developer Meetup in London. They covered common challenges faced with on-premise to cloud scenarios and how to establish best practices for SAP integration using Anypoint Platform.

uk mulesoft meetup

Atlanta, GA 

Jake Morgan and Allan Moster had a Meetup in Atlanta, where they discussed best practices of Salesforce integration patterns.

atlanta mulesoft meetup

San Francisco, CA 

In San Francisco, Renan Camponez from CodeAvenue and Felipe Ocadiz from Twitter presented to a passionate crowd from all over the Bay Area on what’s new in the Mule 4 and Studio 7 release candidates.

san francisco mulesoft meetup

Auckland, New Zealand 

In Auckland, Niket Mohey, Senior Solutions Consultant at MuleSoft, shared with the attendees the latest updates about the Anypoint Platform Nov. ’17 release and a preview of the Mule 4 release candidate.

Dallas, TX 

Lastly, Miguel Martinez from Avio Consulting gathered his group in Dallas to discuss how to achieve CI/CD with Maven and Jenkins, and how Boy Scouts of America is organizing and optimizing their deployments for best CPU Core utilization using CloudHub.

Upcoming MuleSoft Developer Meetups

November was definitely one of the busiest months for MuleSoft Meetups so far, and December is already packed with new events! Here are a number of upcoming MuleSoft Developer Meetups as of the writing of this blog post. Please, note that many leaders may plan additional events daily, so be sure to check the upcoming Meetup events section if you do not see an event near you:

Vancouver, BC – December 5th, 2017

The Appnovation team will be hosting this kickoff event at their brand new, water-view offices in Gastown. Their MuleSoft experts will give an overview of Anypoint Platform, composite API calls, and discuss their experience as integrators with Enterprise MuleSoft customers.

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Knoxville, TN – December 6th, 2017

Cognizant MuleSoft experts will give an overview of  MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform and API-led connectivity, as well as discuss their experience as integrators with Enterprise MuleSoft customers.

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San Jose, CA – December 7th, 2017

Ashish Goyal (Cisco) and Chari Gunasekaran (Splunk) will give a demo of the security features in Anypoint Platform that enable developers to protect applications according to security requirements by preventing security breaches and facilitating authorized access to data.

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Christchurch, NZ – December 11th, 2017

Kian Ting will talk about the Mule API Health Check, how to monitor Mule applications, and how to use flow designer to automate URL health check pings.

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Toronto, ON – December 12th, 2017

Bruno Baloi, Solutions Consultant a MuleSoft, will introduce the Anypoint Platform Nov. ’17 release as well as the Mule 4 release candidate. Plus, MuleSoft customer EQ Bank will share details on how to build an architecture for digital banks.

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New York City, NY – December 12th, 2017

Tyrone Borromeo, Regional Director of Solutions Consulting at MuleSoft, and his team are getting festive with a special event, giveaways, and an intro of the features of the Anypoint Platform Nov. ’17 release.

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See here for the full list of MuleSoft Developer Meetup groups.

Lead a MuleSoft Developer Meetup!

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