MuleSoft at CalHacks: It’s a wrap!


This past weekend, our developer relations team attended CalHacks, the biggest collegiate on the West Coast, drawing over 1,800 student hackers from all over the US.

The event, which began on Friday, featured an intense 36 hours of coding and learning, featuring tons of fun for every participating team. Collectively, there were over 200 projects submitted!

Beyond the impressive logistics into making this event possible, we were blown away by the the team work on display by the cadre of student organizers at UC Berkeley.

CalHacks was a first of its kind event, and we were thrilled to be part of it.


Makers and hackers are a big deal; MuleSoft CTO Uri Sarid, here seen sporting an OG RAML t-shirt, took the time to attend the event and mentor a few teams on Saturday. There were a few other very special guests, including Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich. The one closest to our hearts, however, was none other than Max the Mule, who trotted up and down the eight floors of the Cal Memorial stadium to cheer on hackers that were coding, photo-bomb those that were sleeping, and provide helpful, but non-verbal, suggestions.

We saw some really impressive work. The project EmoCar won the MuleSoft Challenge for “Most Connected Hack.” The 4 hacker-team built a mind controlled rover. You read that correctly. Mind. Controlled. What they did was use an Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset connected to a MuleSoft’s Arduino rover to send, via a very smart algorithm, brain signals converted into commands to control the car. Amazing.

Love to hack? Or already recovered from CalHacks and looking for the next challenge? Be sure to sign up for the upcoming Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon, taking place on October 10th-12th (before it’s too late!).

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