Million Dollar Hackathon

September 30 2014


Get ready to win $1 Million at the Salesforce Hackathon!

Can you think of anything more exciting than locking yourself up for 36 hours and coding away? Neither can we! That’s why we’re excited to join the upcoming Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon, taking place on October 10th through 12th, right before the company’s annual Dreamforce conference. This year’s , assembling over 1,000 enterprise hackers from around the world, will be held at the City View Metreon in San Francisco.

As the hackathon name suggests, participants will be able to vie for a grand total $1,000,000 to be distributed in cash prizes. In addition to the and Heroku prizes, there are also bonus prizes for building the best app that contributes new Ruby, Python, Node or Postgres code to the open source community. All participants will also get to demo their app live in front of judges, science-fair style. There will be a Finalist award presentation taking place on October 16, during Dreamforce 2014.

So, what does it take to win? Well, Salesforce is once again looking for hackers and entrepreneurs to “build the best mobile app” on the Salesforce1 platform. At MuleSoft, we believe the best enterprise mobiles apps are contextual and intuitive. For our customers, it’s not always about replicating the functionality of a desktop class app, or serving up entire databases on mobile, but rather about fostering those micro-moments of engagement where information workers can either access, input or share (or all three) the right information at the right time on their mobile device. And that starts with the ability to seamlessly connect those information workers with the data, apps and devices they care about.

MuleSoft Challenge

That’s why we’re excited to announce, as part of the Salesforce $1M hackathon, our very own MuleSoft Challenge which is meant to reward the teams whose entries meaningfully connect their Salesforce 1 app to the highest number of apps, data, and devices.

As developers ourselves, we know hackathons represent opportunities to dedicate time and energy to work on that idea that’s been sitting in the drawer for too long. When that time comes, we want to focus just like you on innovating, and not worry about the work that goes into figuring how one system of information works with another. This is where MuleSoft can really help: we connect Salesforce to anything in minutes, thanks to Anypoint Studio, CloudHub, Mule ESB, and the many available Anypoint Connectors and Templates. For some intergrations, it’s even as easy as drag and drop. Our team will be on hand to show you exactly how and help you take your enterprise app to the next level. So dream big, we’ll help you whatever way we can. We hope to see you in a couple of weeks!

For more information on building great hacks with MuleSoft, the prizes and requirements of the MuleSoft Challenge, start following @MuleDev, our developer focused channel.

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