HIMSS ’15: Reframing how healthcare is delivered


Technology is disrupting industries, and no more so than in Healthcare where wearables, devices and the Internet of Everything () more broadly, provide the means to reframe how healthcare is delivered. These technologies are bringing hardware and software together to enable the provision of data, to both healthcare professionals and patients, and ultimately to enable better clinical decision making.

Delivering distinct solutions

healthcareIn the past, there’s been a dichotomy between hardware and software. Companies, products and engineers alike were defined by whether they fell in the hardware or software camp. IoE is blurring these lines, as Apple’s Healthkit can attest. What these technologies are achieving is a fluid flow of data between device and application; patients must seamlessly be able to enter data from their individual device into a system to be accessed by their doctors, and conversely, individualized treatment plans or fitness recommendations are sent to personal devices from a central information system. We believe that the promise of innovation can only be truly by bringing hardware and software together in this way, to deliver truly coherent and distinctive solutions.

We’ve already seen clinical uses of this integrated flow of data through Apple’s ResearchKit program; for example, 11,000 people signed up for a cardiovascular study at Stanford in less than 24 hours. The doctors at Stanford were thrilled, as it normally takes a year to get such a large population for these clinical studies, and the participants got to use their devices to accurately record their fitness progress and hopefully influence future treatment for cardiovascular disease.

At MuleSoft, we’re excited to be leading the charge to drive greater connectivity. For example, we’re helping one of America’s largest health systems to track hospital assets and inventory levels in real time via Radio Frequency ID (RFID) sensors, and a few other projects we can’t yet share publicly. We’ve also helped UCSF deliver a future-proof communication system, enabling them to lower costs and improve patient care with real-time collaboration and secure data sharing.

Meet us at

himss-logoWe’re going to be talking further on these themes at the forthcoming HIMSS conference in Chicago. I’m fortunate to be joined by noted thought leaders in this space Rajesh Vargheese, CTO of Cisco Healthcare Solutions and Kristen Wilson-Jones, CTO Sutter Health RD&D. Join us at our HIMSS Reception happy hour on April 14th at 5pm. In keeping with the theme of our discussion, all attendees will be entered to win the wearable device of the moment, an Apple Watch. We look forward to seeing you there!

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