Upcoming Webinar – “The Health Cloud”: Are we there yet?

November 5 2013


In our upcoming MuleSoft webinar, “‘The Health Cloud’: Are we there yet?”, we’ll be talking all about healthcare and the cloud. There has been quite a bit of  talk about a “Health Cloud” which promises to extend the point of care, improve patient outcomes, enable closer clinical collaboration and lower costs, but have healthcare organizations really embraced the cloud? Or is this another case of media hype? With such confidential information at risk, how are organizations dealing with data security and integration with third party applications and services?

Join David Chao, Senior Product Manager at MuleSoft, as he discusses the state of healthcare technology with guest speakers Missy Krasner, MD of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Box and Josh Newman, Director of Health Strategy at Salesforce.com. Learn about the opportunities and challenges of cloud adoption in healthcare as these experts share their experiences and lessons learned. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Successful “Health Cloud” adoption use cases
  • Data security, compliance and integration issues
  • Healthcare information standards such as HL7 and MLLP
  • Emerging trends as we look forwards to 2014

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“The Health Cloud”: Are we there yet?
Session 1 = 9:00am PST / 12pm EST
November 12, 2013
Duration~ 1 hr


Missy Krasner, Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Box
Josh Newman, Director of Product Management and Health Strategy at Salesforce.com and Family Physician
David Chao, Senior Product Manager at MuleSoft

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