Announcing Mule 3.0.1


The Mule team is please to announce the availability of Mule ESB 3.0.1.  This is a follow-up release to Mule 3.0.0, which continues MuleSoft’s commitment to making Mule the industry’s most powerful, simplest to use, and innovative open source ESB.

Mule 3.0.1 adds:

  • Updated and re-organized online documentation.  Sections have been added describing in detail all the new features of Mule 3, including flows, configuration patterns, annotations, and many more.  Start at New Feature Highlights to see the complete list.
  • Mule schemas documentation in an easy-to-navigate Java-doc like HTML format.
  • Continued improvements to Mule’s new Flow feature.  Asynchronous flows are now fully supported.  In addition, new routing message processors allow greater flexibility and power in routing messages within flows.
  • Support for jBPM 4.4.   Additionally, there is now a BPM message processor/component type to make BPM integration simpler.
  • Fixes for over 40 important bugs.   Details can be found in the release notes.   Several of these are patches submitted by the Mule community, whom we’d like to thank for their continued interest and support.

We really appreciate the feedback, bug reports, suggestions and blogs on Mule 3 so far so please keep them coming. Mule 3.0.1 can be downloaded here.

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