Announcing Mule 3.1.2 for the masses


The Mule team is proud to announce the availability of Mule 3.1.2. This is a follow-up release to Mule  3.1.1, which continues MuleSoft’s commitment to making Mule the industry’s most powerful, easy  to use, open source integration platform. This release contains over 60 fixes and improvements, and some great new features with help from the community.

Some of the highlights in this release are:

Per-Application Logging

Now you can fine tune the logging for each application you are running in Mule. This is a great thing if you have multiple applications running and you need each one logging events at different levels to application-specific log files. Just to make this even better, you can also dynamically modify the logging configuration for each application at runtime. So if you want to track down an issue, you don’t need to restart your application or server to change the level of your logs. Just change your application log config (typically through your file), and it will start logging with the new settings.

Application logging has been the number one requested feature in Mule since the Mule 3 deployment model was introduced and it is now available. Read more here.

RESTlet Upgrade

We upgraded the RESTlet external project for 3.1.2. Now, in addition to support for Jersey, you can create RESTlet-based services and use all the superb REST benefits from this very popular project in the latest version of Mule. This project was also supported by members of the community. If you want to know more about RESTlet for Mule, read the documentation. You can download the latest version here.

The complete release notes detailing over 60 fixes and improvements is available here.

You can download the community version here or if you want  you can try out the latest Mule Enterprise with the Mule Management Console,

We hope you enjoy the latest version Mule. We need your help to keep improving so please provide your feedback via the forums or raise a Jira.



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