JIRA: not just for Mule developers

January 6 2011


Here at Mulesoft, we use Jira for a lot of different things: tracking hiring, IT tasks, reporting product bugs, planning releases, etc.

We recently upgraded our Jira instances to the latest 4.2 version.  One of my favorite new features is the ability to create your own search query in a SQL-like syntax.  This allows you to customize your searches in all new ways.  For example, if you wanted see your list of reported open bugs for the Community edition of Mule ESB, you could go to this page and use this query:

If you are a Mule user and come across an issue which has already been reported, you can click on the ‘Vote’ link to let the Mule developers know that you are also interested in this issue.  We regularly triage these issues and take your votes into account when prioritizing bugs.  Similarly, you can ‘Watch’ the issue to be notified of any changes.  Another one of my favorite new features is auto-complete.  This is especially handy when you want to add an ‘Affects Version’ to a bug you are filing.  Instead of having to select from a drop-down list, you just start typing the version and Jira will auto-complete it for you.

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