Making the move to Mule 3.1


You’ve seen a lot on this blog about Mule 3.  We’ve seen a lot of interest from customers and partners around Mule 3.  We thought “well, how about a webinar on moving to Mule 3.”

If you’ve been looking at Mule 3 but aren’t sure where to start, are trying to get the most out of Mule 3’s features and capabilities, or have used previous versions of Mule but want to know how the changes in Mule 3 might impact the way you build applications, this webinar is for you.  This 45 minute technical webinar will offer a tutorial of getting started with Mule 3, building your first application, and migrating existing applications to Mule 3. It provides best practices that will help you quickly get up and building apps on Mule 3.

Topics covered In this 45-minute technical webinar include:

  • Service orchestration using Flow, and how it differs from the model
  • Simplified integration with Configuration Patterns
  • Introduction to Mule – easy integration of SaaS and cloud services, REST, and AJAX web apps
  • Migrating Mule applications from previous versions

Ken Yagen, MuleSoft VP Engineering
Mike Schilling, MuleSoft Architect

View the webinar

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