Mule in Action, take two, is out!


mule in action second editionA good part of the Mule community has learnt to use Mule with the first edition of . With the advent of Mule 3, there has been huge demand for a book covering the latest improvements, best practices and lessons learned in the trenches.

Mule in Action, Second Edition, released by Manning Publications after two years of intense work, hopes to fill this need.

In this book you can find:

  • Full coverage of Mule 3 including Flows and the Mule expression language
  • Integration with cloud services
  • Common transports, routers, and transformers
  • Security, routing, orchestration, and transactions
  • Architectural patterns and deployment scenarios
  • Extending Mule with devkit

Two free samples have been released so you can take a peek at the book’s content prior to purchasing it: Chapter 13: Writing custom cloud connectors and processors and Chapter 14: Augmenting Mule with orthogonal technologies.

To celebrate the release, Mule in Action Second Edition, is 39% off with code mulefco at the Manning store.

Happy Learning!

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