MUnit 1.0 GA

September 18 2015


We’re happy to announce that MUnit 1.0 (GA) is now available.  MUnit is the functional test framework for . This is builds on feedback from our previous release candidate and it contains many quality and usability improvements.

MUnit still has all the great features it had in the past. With MUnit you can easily create within Anypoint Studio. It is also fully integrated with Maven and Surefire for extensibility into your continuous integration environment. Within an MUnit test suite, developers have access to a full suite of testing tools:

  • Assertions for Mule messages to ensure the Mule message is what you expect
  • Mocking of components inside a Mule flow (the service doesn’t need to be running in production)
  • Verify calls and test the # of times an MP has been called: exactly one, at least #, at most #
  • Spy on an MP before/after execution: Inspect the Mule message before/after calling a MP
  • Set up and tear down sections for test suites
  • Custom Assertions: extend framework as you see fit (e.g. complex validation)

For this GA release we’ve work a lot in stability and quality of the product to make sure our users get the best possible experience with the current features:

  • We’ve decoupled MUnit releases from Mule.  This means that MUnit can now follows its own release cycle and versioning. It also means the users will be able to use just one MUnit version independently of your Mule version.
  • We’ve reduced the amount of artifacts needed in your pom.xml to build through Maven, making it easy to configure and maintain.
  • We’ve have change the way logs works by default, so you can now log as much as you like when running your tests.
  • Many bug fixes in our UI.

For more information, please read the release notes, the migration guide and the new MUnit documentation.

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