Optiziming ESB Performance with Mule Management Console


Do you need better visibility into Mule ESB performance metrics?  Would you like to have fine-grained control over your ESB resources at runtime to address performance issues? Are you a Mule ESB developer looking for an easy way to debug your service flows?

MuleSoft recently released a new Management Console for Mule ESB – purpose-built for deep visibility and control into your Mule environment and services during development and production.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 16th, Dan Diephouse, Core Developer at MuleSoft, and Mateo Almenta Reca, Sr. Product Manager at MuleSoft, will be doing a technical webinar about the Mule ESB Management Console.

During this 45-minute demo driven webinar, learn how Mule ESB Management Console can help:

  • Monitor and manage Mule ESB server, service and endpoint-level using an intuitive web-based interface
  • Detect performance bottlenecks and dynamically tune performance at runtime
  • Debug message flows by auditing and inspecting payloads of in-flight messages going through Mule ESB
  • Create alerts to receive notifications about critical conditions
  • View and modify configuration files of remote servers
  • Creating scripts to automate operations using the admin shell

Date: Wednesday, June 16th
Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET

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