Work Off Those Calories with the Mule Training Program


Rather than watch the Grinch steal Christmas yet again, why not browse a few online videos and learn something new?

Designed for those new to Mule and curious about how it works, our short series of free training videos introduces you to the basic concepts of ESBs and systems integration. You can even poke around in the product by following a hands-on tutorial which proposes a solution to common integration challenge. You could probably eat two or three holiday cookies in the time it takes to download Mule Studio and get started.


Begin the free series with an Introduction to Mule ESB

…then work your way through the materials that help you Understand Basic Mule Concepts. Additionally, you can work at your own pace to learn the Core Concepts of Mule Studio.

If your brain is too relaxed to tackle a hands-on learning session, check out our library of free videos. These short videos demo a variety of Mule products and how you can leverage out-of-the-box tools to easily connect systems and services.

An Overview of Mule Studio


Mule ESB Enterprise Walkthrough


Deploying Your Applications on-premise or to the cloud



Perhaps one of these videos will lead to an “aha moment” to solve a sticky integration challenge or spark an idea for a 2013 project. If you hit a snag or have any questions, consult our documentation, access our community forum, check out our Refcard, or contact us directly– work those frontal lobes!

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