MuleSoft releases API Workbench

MuleSoft has launched a beta release of API Workbench. This is an integrated development environment (IDE) allows developers to build RESTful APIs based on a design-first approach. API Workbench supports both RAML 0.8 and the newly launched RAML 1.0. RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) is one of several API description specifications than can be used to design and document APIs.

Uri Sarid, our CTO, said, “The API economy is here and growing, with APIs transforming into significant business drivers across industries. A key success to making the API economy work is to have good API design from the beginning — an approach that is championed by the thriving RAML community.”

He added, “By contributing API Workbench to the RAML community, we’re building on our commitment to RAML and its design-first approach to APIs. The slick new IDE aligns with RAML’s primary design principle to be as simple as possible to write and read APIs, and to promote reusability and consistency.”

Take a look at API Workbench, or read more about the release.

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