Don’t You Have a Blog?

September 16 2009


Every so often, I would be answering some questions about Tomcat, and the person I’m speaking with would ask “where’s your blog?” or “do you have a blog somewhere?”  I have always cringed at that question because I didn’t have one — until now.  Mainly I had a few clever excuses for not putting time into a blog of my own:

  • I’m not vain enough to believe I should have my own personal fan club.  Why would I think people should read my web page ramblings?
  • I’m just too busy to put time into it.  Clearly, if few people would read what text I blog, it would be a waste of time writing it, instead of spending that time on Tomcat or webapps or both.  In order to write blog text, I would have to stop working on a code feature for some time, when people are waiting impatiently for the code.
  • Blogging is an Internet fad that is on its way out.  Why would I start a brand new blog if the blogging fad is fading away?  I spent quite a bit of time on some internet fads before.  It’s fun to be involved in the fad at its popularity height, but it’s all temporary.  I’d rather spend thought cycles on something lasting.
  • I don’t know which blogging site / software I should use, and I don’t have time to evaluate enough of them.  Once in a while I actually do read other peoples’ blogs, and the best ones seem to have several whiz-bang features in the software that apparently the readers can’t live without.  It seems that if you don’t blog on just the right blogging software, the audience becomes less impressed or more annoyed, and then the potential size of your fan club decreases.  And, if it’s all a fad, why would I spend time evaluating blogging software?

For some years, I always answered no, I did not have a blog.  To counter that, people often said that if I had a blog, they’d read it for sure.  This caught me off guard.  It either invalidates some of my assertions above, or it means that I’ve seriously miscalculated something, such as how much time is remaining in the blogging fad.  People have told me for longer than a couple of years that they would read my blog if I had one.  At the same time, I’ve read so many important announcements and other helpful information (mainly how to do important things with open source software) in the form of other peoples’ blogs.  After so many of these, I decided that it was a good way to communicate technical detail in the form of a published text article.  It’s not quite the same as formal documentation, but it is very useful, and the information gets distributed easily.

I’m happy to announce to everyone in my personal fan club (of zero people I presume, as of today), that I finally have a blog!


I’ve recently joined the team at MuleSoft, working on an enterprise Tomcat product named Tcat Server.  At MuleSoft it seems that most developers have blogs brimming with useful technical posts.  I’ve finally decided to add my posts into the mix with theirs.  It’s all on the topic of server-side Java, open source, and related topics.  It’s great stuff.  I’m happy to be a member of the team, and also to be able to give out my blog URL to anyone who previously said they’d read it if I had it.

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2 Responses to “Don’t You Have a Blog?”

  1. I recently started a blog too. I wrote a post called “I wanna revamp something” as my first post. It is pretty short, was easy to write and is (hopefully) helpful. Until I got the idea to write that I was going to write something similar to your post. So anyway I chuckled when I read yours.

    So welcome to the “blogosphere” fellow newbie! 😉

    If you are blogging about enterprise Java, Tomcat and webapps than consider me a fan!

  2. I remember asking you more than once whether you have a blog and why you don’t have one. Now you finally got one. Congrats on that! Bookmarked!
    May the writing force be with you.