Ross Mason talks Mule 3

October 8 2010


Mule 3 was recently announced, bringing significant new features to the open source Mule ESB and reaffirming it as the most powerful yet lightweight and simple-to-use ESB out there.

Mule project founder recently sat down for a where he talked about the history of the Mule project, what’s new in Mule 3, and what’s to come in the future for Mule ESB.

Watch the video here:

The video runs about 11:00 minutes long in total. If you prefer, you can watch individual chapters:

  1. Mule ESB: the beginning
  2. Building an open source community
  3. Mule 3: making ESB more accessible
  4. New in Mule 3: simplified configuration
  5. New in Mule 3: Mule Cloud Connect
  6. How is Cloud Connect different?
  7. New in Mule 3: hot deployment
  8. New in Mule 3: architected for simplicity and flexibility
  9. What’s next for Mule 3?
  10. Mule and the open source landscape

Haven’t downloaded Mule 3 yet? Get it here.

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