Pricing for MuleSoft Tcat Server published

September 7 2009


Updated February 17, 2014: MuleSoft Tcat server is fully supported both in Production and Pre-production environments. Production and Pre-production subscriptions, which include unlimited support incidents, start at $595 per CPU core. Production and pre-production support are also available for customers running “plain vanilla” Apache Tomcat as well; such customers simply need to drop in our agent in the Apache Tomcat instance in order to qualify that instance for support.

We’ve published pricing for MuleSoft Tcat Server! We have had so much early interest and demand in our new web application server, based on Apache Tomcat, that we decided to publish our subscription pricing ahead of schedule.

MuleSoft Tcat server is free to use in development and pre-production environments. Production subscriptions, which include unlimited support incidents, start at $595 per CPU. MuleSoft also offers a development-time support subscription to address questions and issues that arise during development, at $975 for 5 support incidents. Production and development support subscriptions are also available for customers running “plain vanilla” Apache Tomcat as well.

MuleSoft is offering a during the beta phase of MuleSoft Tcat Server: download the software before September 30 and receive a 50% discount off of list price for a production subscription, up to 4 CPUs. (Must be redeemed in calendar year 2009).

For a full overview of MuleSoft Tcat Server subscriptions and pricing, or to download Tcat Server, visit

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