Mule 101: Rapidly Connect Anything, Anywhere

A typical Mule user can:

  • On-ramp in 5 days
  • Deliver projects 4x faster than traditional SOA
  • Deliver projects 8x faster than point-to-point approaches

What if you could deliver an integration project up to 8 times faster?  With the Anypoint Platform from MuleSoft, you can.  Join MuleSoft founder Ross Mason and Sr. Product Manager Steven Camina for a demo-driven walkthrough and discussion in, “Mule 101: Anypoint Platform Overview.” They’ll demonstrate how you can integrate faster with the Anypoint Platform by:

In this webinar, we will demo the features, tools, and resources you need to make integration painless.  You will walk away understanding how to be faster and future-proof with the Anypoint Platform from MuleSoft.


  • Ross Mason, Founder and VP Product Strategy, MuleSoft
  • Steven Camina, Senior Product Manager, MuleSoft

Visit the Mule 101 webinar page for more information.

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