Screencast: From install to RESTful resource in less than 3 minutes


We have put up a screencast that shows you how to get started with , our platform for the rapid, easy creation of RESTful web services.

RESTx allows developers to contribute data access, integration and processing components in Java or Python, using a very API. Then, with nothing more than a browser and a simple HTML form, users provide parameters for those components, which the RESTx server uses to create new RESTful web services, resulting in easy to use, safe URIs that give users access to the data they need. For example, a developer may contribute a component for access to the API of a legacy application, but the users now provide different sets of query parameters, resulting in resources such as ‘customer list’, ‘order queue’, etc.

That way, users can quickly – in seconds – create web services that matter and makes sense to them. Each of those resources’ URIs can be passed around, used to import data into applications, inspected with a web browser, used as building blocks for mashups, or even for data integration code in a new custom component. For example, see how
front-end developers can use RESTx to very quickly create their own data sources without having to depend on the back-end server team.

Simplicity is important and RESTx tries to make it as simple and easy as possible for developers and users alike. The screencast shows how quick and easy it is to install and run RESTx and how new RESTful web services can be created with a web browser in just seconds.

Watch: RESTx: From install to RESTful resource in less than 3 minutes

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