Push Web Integration with Mule and PubSubHubbub

September 22 2011


As discussed recently in this blog, web streaming APIs are a hot topic. One goal of streaming APIs is to reduce polling and replace it with resource efficient event-driven content distribution mechanisms.

With PubSub Huddle meetup happening in London today (unfortunately, I couldn’t go), it seems like good timing to tell you what we’ve done with one of the recently proposed protocols, PubSubHubbub (aka PuSH).

Mule 3.0-M2 and beyond


I’m pleased to announce that Mule team has just released 3.0 Milestone 2. Before we get into the features coming in Mule 3.0, I’d like to talk about the theme for this release.
The overall theme for Mule 3.0 is simplicity. We are looking at every part of Mule to see what we can do to make things even easier. Mule is a powerful platform, but we realise not everyone wants or needs all that power.

Twitter your Blog with iBeans

December 9 2009


Most websites offer RSS or ATOM feeds for news or updates, and iBeans makes it easy to consume these feeds. In this example, I will create a simple object that will read new entries from my blog and publish a summary of them on Twitter. Note that the example assumes that you have iBeans installed.