Integration best practices: pioneer digital transformation with community

January 23 2019

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digital transformation community

To understand the value of community and evangelism to your organization, it’s important to imagine one without it.

The Hunt For The Perfect API

September 17 2013


Your API can be a key to your company’s success as it has been for companies like Twitter, Twilio and Box. Get it wrong and you lose out on a big opportunity.

While at Google, Joshua Block presented in 2006 How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters in the context of one of the most widely used APIs ever created – the Java Core APIs – which may have been used by up to 10 million developers.

SOA School: Architecting Watertight Security for the New Enterprise


Security is an ever-present concern for IT. It can be a rather daunting area when one considers all of the different possible dangers and the large variety of solutions to address them. But, the aim of Enterprise Security really just boils down to establishing and maintaining various levels of access control. Mule itself has always facilitated secure message processing both at the level of the transport, the service layer and of the message .

Error Handling Patterns in Mule Part 2


Continuing my previous blog post Error Handling Patterns in Mule, in this post I will show you how to implement the following use cases:

  • Rollback transaction and send notification email
  • Stop flow execution based on exception type

Whitepaper: Migrating from WebLogic to Tomcat

September 14 2009

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While it has been commonplace (and well documented) for IT organizations to migrate Java EE applications initially developed on Apache Tomcat upward to commercial Java application servers, such as Oracle’s WebLogic, in recent years the trend has been reversing. There are a number of compelling reasons for creating new web applications using today’s deployment architectures on Tomcat instead of WebLogic, but perhaps even more interesting is the trend to migrate existing Java EE applications from WebLogic to Tomcat.