Should businesses “say goodbye to IT”?

Is it time to say goodbye to IT? That’s the argument made by Asheville, North Carolina CIO Jonathan Feldman in Information Week. He says that in the techie and non-techie world, IT departments often are the center of conflict: “like a raging infection in the corporate body, IT is continually at war.”

The problem with IT, he points out, is that the traditional model of IT takes on a superhero role.

3 emerging technologies that could grow your business


It’s really easy to think that all the innovations emerging from the tech sector won’t have an impact on businesses in other industries. But a recent study by Gartner announced that Unilever, a CPG business founded in the 19th century, is a supply chain leader thanks to its innovative use of data analytics. The truth is every business can be disrupted – and can take advantage of digital transformation. In a recent piece in Computer Weekly,