How Mount Sinai Health System is redefining healthcare delivery using MuleSoft

mount sinai

Mount Sinai is one of the oldest integrated healthcare systems in the U.S., with 7 hospitals, 1 medical school, 15 institutes, and over 40,000 employees, physicians, and residents.

Like other healthcare systems, Mount Sinai is impacted by a number of disruptive factors––from increasing demand for services because of aging populations to declining funds due to compressed budgets.

Redwood Logistics on B2B integration: “We’re able to onboard customers three times faster”

August 3 2016

b2b logistics integration

EDI is an industry standard messaging protocol in the transportation logistics industry. It is also notoriously difficult to work with, as it is an aging technology, and is often not immediately compatible with newer types of systems like SaaS and mobile applications.

Yet companies in the transportation industry need modern B2B collaboration and integration with new systems as companies are now competing on supply chain efficiency. They have to reduce their non-production costs and streamline how they deliver their goods to market.

Upcoming webinar: The value of integration and what we learned from our customers

Every company must become a technology company.” How many times have we heard this? It might be a truism, but it’s one that’s actually true – digital transformation strategies need to be woven into every activity an enterprise undertakes, not shunted off into IT or the digital department.

The biggest challenge in IT right now is that it cannot keep up with how the modern enterprise wants to use mobile,

MuleSoft customer success: “This isn’t just about software – we’re here to help you solve your problems”

One of the awesome things about working for MuleSoft is seeing all the innovations our customers produce using Anypoint Platform. And one of the people responsible for helping customers make that happen is Customer Success Director Cat Huegler.

Cat has been working with MuleSoft for two years, and her job is to help global Fortune 500 companies deploy and manage MuleSoft’s products to do extraordinary things. I sat down with Cat recently to talk about the role of customer success at MuleSoft and some of the outcomes that Anypoint Platform is creating.

Technology helps Arsenal Football Club create world-class experiences

Arsenal Football Club is one of the most famous football teams in the world. It has over 100 million fans worldwide and sees its international fans as key to its further success, and wants to create amazing experiences for the fans when they come to Arsenal’s home stadium in London. 

In a recent ComputerWeekly article, Arsenal’s CIO, Hywel Sloman, points out that when it comes to the intersection of sports and technology,

Integration Matters at PeopleMatter

November 7 2011

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We have been seeing incredible early success with our iON integration platform as a service (iPaaS). We have talked with over a hundred SaaS providers over the past couple of months, and overwhelmingly, we are hearing that integration is a major challenge for them as they go to market. Time and time again, these SaaS providers have been telling us that their customers increasingly need to integrate their SaaS offering with other SaaS and on-premise systems.