The new Mule ESB Management Console


I’m proud to announce that we have released the new Mule ESB Management Console (MMC) — this is an important step forward for Mule ESB.

We built MMC based on significant feedback from our customers, and we put the product through two early access pre-releases to incorporate feedback from real users. I must say that I’m pretty pleased with the end result —

General purpose monitoring vs. deep diagnostics – choosing the right tool


The promise of a monitoring solution that will pinpoint application problems and give you exact steps to fix the problem has remained a dream. In addition, monitoring systems have become notorious for being expensive and difficult to maintain. Diagnosing application performance problems requires application-specific diagnostic information that general-purpose monitoring tools often do not provide.

While system monitoring products are useful in triaging a problem and assigning responsibility to a particular team (for ex: Application Server team),