MuleSoft’s Documentation team is listening to your feedback

December 2 2019

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We’ve all been there. You’re using some documentation and want to tell a company something it — be it praise, a complaint, or request. You pause, hovering over the comments widget and wonder: “Should I bother? Will anyone listen?” 

Announcing our brand new documentation platform and developer forums

We are very happy today to unveil today not one, but two major updates across the MuleSoft developer experience: 1.) our brand new documentation platform, and 2.) a totally revamped developer forum.

A brand new doc platform

You can have the greatest technology in the world, but it means nothing if you don’t have fast, intuitive, and eminently searchable documentation by its side. When you couple those two things together,

Docs: Never Leave Home Without Em

September 25 2014


Given the ever broadening capabilities and functionality of Anypoint Platform, even the most experienced MuleSoft developers will be challenged to remember all the features and tricks the product suite provides. Especially on fast-paced implementations, one can easily be caught up with the ebbs and flows of the daily project tasks and ironically, forget to leverage that one tool that can really help with productivity – documentation. In services,

Introducing the Mule Knowledge Center

Mule ESB is a big solution with tons of features. There is information about Mule ESB all around – we have info for our community users as well as our enterprise users – and this info is spread in multiple sources. We know that finding the right information on all of these sources might be a challenge, so we came up with a solution, our new knowledge search engine that we call “Knowledge Center”.

With this search tool you’ll be able to find important information,

Mule documentation just got a lot better


I was recently tasked with revamping the developer documentation’s information architecture to address reader comments that it was too hard to find needed information. I worked with a team of people at MuleSoft to make the new information architecture a reality, as well as to write some new content that helped explain Mule ESB 3 concepts for new users, as well as to improve the quality of key topics in the docs and to write a new document,

Docs in Action: Reading Mule 3.0


Think Fast

What do developers prefer – reading documentation or donating bone marrow?

No matter what you answered, I have good news for you.

It is now easier than ever to join the National Marrow Registry.

Also, we’ve made a number of changes to the documentation for our latest release of Mule ESB. We hope these improvements will make it easier than ever to get started quickly using our best-of-breed integration platform.