Mule Community Extensions Release Train (AMQP, Redis, PuSH, Erlang, JCR)


Following the recent release of Mule 3.3.0, I’m happy to announce the related releases of five community transports: AMQP, PubSubHubbub, Redis, Erlang and JCR.

With these new versions available, you’ll be able to benefit immediately from the new features of Mule 3.3.0.

Flow in Action: Simple Orchestrations Pwned!


Three months ago, I’ve introduced the newly created Erlang Transport for Mule 3 in this blog. To illustrate a usage scenario for this transport, which allows fast and seamless bi-directional communications between the JVM and the Erlang worlds, I presented an example where Mule was exposing a JSON over HTTP service for provisioning users in RabbitMQ.

At that time, the new configuration mechanism named Flow was not fully baked so I implemented the example “

Fresh from the Forge: JCR, Erlang and Retry Policies for Mule 3!

September 24 2010


Following the general availability of Mule 3.0.0 Community Edition, I’m happy to announce the release of the following MuleForge projects, which have been upgraded to work with Mule 3:

* JCR Transport – A transport that reads from, writes to and observes JCR 1.0 containers.
* Erlang Transport – A transport that can send and receive messages to and from Erlang nodes.
* Common Retry Policies

Bring Erl On: Provisioning RabbitMQ users through Mule


Though a veteran language and platform, Erlang has recently gained a lot of traction, as very visible web sites and open source projects decided to use it in order to leverage its intrinsic support for highly concurrent, fault tolerant and distributed applications. To name a few, let’s mention: Facebook Chat, Mochiwebejabberd, RabbitMQ, riak and CouchDB.