Introducing the Validations Module

This all began with a very popular request: “We want to be able to throw an Exception from a flow”. The motivation for this is that it’s fairly common to run into “business errors” (errors not related to the handling and transmission of data but the data itself) which should actually be treated in the same way as a connection or system error (things like the remote endpoint is down).

Given the popularity of the request we decided to look into it and started by asking: “which are the use cases in which you would throw an exception?”.

JMS message rollback and redelivery with Mule


I have seen a lot of users and customers looking for a solution for this following use case – you have a JMS message in transaction inside Mule and suddenly, before committing something bad happened. You want to rollback this message and retry to deliver. If unable to commit for a specific number of times redirected to a dead letter queue (DLQ).