iPaaS: Cloud-to-Cloud Integration of Gmail and Pivotal Tracker



MuleSoft’s iON is a cloud-based integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that isn’t  just for “cloud-to-premise” scenarios, but for “cloud-to-cloud” integration as well. With the current API explosion, a vast array of services is emerging which can be brought together in unimagined ways, and iON is there to enable this—like lightening between the clouds!

Mule Hackathon Cup 2012 v1.0

January 11 2012


Here at MuleSoft, every few months we take a couple days off and hold a company Hackathon. Usually these are individual efforts to build something unique and interesting using the technology and products that we create at MuleSoft.

To kick off the new year, we decided to sponsor a team event and see if we could get some creative new ideas that might be more then a single person could implement in a day.