Infographic: The Future of Financial Services


The Connected Bank

For many banks, back office systems for such critical functions as deposit accounting, loan servicing, and payment processing have been in place for decades, running on huge legacy mainframes. According to industry analysts, IT departments spend 70 to 90 percent of their budgets managing and maintaining these disparate systems, leaving little left over for new initiatives.

In addition, with poor operational efficiency a barrier to growing revenues,

Connect with MuleSoft @ QCon Sao Paulo

Last December we visited Brazil for our first Summit in South America. It was a nurturing experience for our team We got an understanding of the different challenges faced by organizations when it comes to the evil “point to point” integration, we learned there is immense adoption of open-source technologies – so much that government agencies, state-run businesses, schools, enterprises and other organizations have been replacing their closed-source software with open source options.

Top 10 Internet of Things APIs


internet of things, API, APIhub, infographicinternet of things, API, APIhub, infographic

Best Practices for Loading Data into


Calling all users! Looking for a fast and easy way to move data in and out of Look no further – follow these best practices from the community to quickly become a data loading pro:

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