Why Interviews Suck – and What You Can Do About It


Over the course of my career I have built a variety of teams, interviewing over 1,000 applicants across a number of positions––from recruiting roles to marketing, sales, and operations.

This wide spectrum of interviewing experience has led me to one conclusion: let’s be honest, interviews are terrible. They’re fake constructs that can be influenced by anything, the interviewer being distracted or just in a bad mood or the interviewee overheating from nervousness. Interviews are just not a great reflection of who people are or how they work.

CEO Greg Schott Interviewed by SYS-CON.TV About iON

January 23 2012


A few months ago, MuleSoft was a major sponsor of Cloud Computing Expo Silicon Valley, the world’s leading Cloud event, which attracted over 5,000 attendees and hundreds of other leading cloud companies. At the conference, MuleSoft CTO Ross Mason spoke to a crowded session hall about the top 10 pitfalls of point to point integration to avoid in the cloud. We also set up a booth on the expo floor, where we had live demos of iON running non-stop throughout the event.

Ross Mason talks Mule 3

October 8 2010


Mule 3 was recently announced, bringing significant new features to the open source Mule ESB and reaffirming it as the most powerful yet lightweight and simple-to-use ESB out there.

Mule project founder Ross Mason recently sat down for a video interview where he talked about the history of the Mule project, what’s new in Mule 3, and what’s to come in the future for Mule ESB.