Mule Community Extensions Release Train (AMQP, Redis, PuSH, Erlang, JCR)


Following the recent release of Mule 3.3.0, I’m happy to announce the related releases of five community transports: AMQP, PubSubHubbub, Redis, Erlang and JCR.

With these new versions available, you’ll be able to benefit immediately from the new features of Mule 3.3.0.

Fresh from the Forge: JCR, Erlang and Retry Policies for Mule 3!

September 24 2010


Following the general availability of Mule 3.0.0 Community Edition, I’m happy to announce the release of the following MuleForge projects, which have been upgraded to work with Mule 3:

* JCR Transport – A transport that reads from, writes to and observes JCR 1.0 containers.
* Erlang Transport – A transport that can send and receive messages to and from Erlang nodes.
* Common Retry Policies

MuleCast: A Conversation with the creator of the JCR Transport

December 23 2008


In this episode, MuleSource CTO and co-founder Ross Mason speaks with David Dossot, creator of the JCR transport for Mule.  The JCR transport reads from, writes to, and observes JCR 1.0 containers.  Mule users can find a user guide and examples for using the JCR transport with Mule 1.4.x on the MuleForge – the user guide and examples for Mule 2.1.x are in the works now.