Development Process: Estimation is futile


How much time do you invest in estimating your backlog? Do you really get any value from it? When was the last time you thought about the value it provides you? I can see estimation as a source of problems in many ways.

Kanban from the trenches; Lessons learned (Part 2)


On my previous post about Kanban, I presented the challenges we had in our Engineering team. They were:
1. Uncontrolled growth of Work In Progress.
2. Not Enough visibility.
3. Reduced quality.
4. Inability to properly estimate all tasks upfront.
5. Planned features and improvements are hard to manage and implement.

During the implementation of Kanban we focused on solving those problems.

Implementing Kanban for Sustaining Engineering


I’ve been working at MuleSoft on the Sustaining Engineering team for a few months. In this time I watched how things work and find out what type of challenges we deal everyday have and how we solved them. I watched a great team working long hours to solve customers problems as fast as possible. Our primary goal is to enable our customers to meet their deadlines, and remove any problem they might have with MuleSoft’s products in the process.