Meet Until Successful, Store and Forward for Mule


In computing like in life, not every attempt is successful the first time. A message delivery to a remote application may be impossible for a while. A particular business action may be impossible due to the temporary unavailability of an enterprise resource. The good news is that these adverse conditions may not last: all what is needed is to retry the failed operation until the issue gets resolved.

This approach is well-known in the industry.

Routing with Message Processors in Flows (Part 1)


One of the joys of Mule 3’s new Message Processor (MP for short) architecture is the power that arises from being able to combine message processors into different patterns.  To make this as flexible as possible, the routing message processors that were designed to be used in flows each do a single job, making them highly reusable. This allows you to build up a flow piece by piece, or alternatively modify an already working flow,