Start hacking Mule 3 – with Mule IDE

September 16 2010


While the rest of the team was still busy with Mule 3 release preparations I took some time to update Mule IDE to be compatible with Mule 3.

What’s new?

I have put most work into creating new projects from the examples that come with the Mule distribution. This feature was rewritten to match the examples layout in Mule 2.2.x as well as in Mule 3. You’ll notice that the entire example is now copied over (minus a few files that do not make sense in an Eclipse project,

Mule 2.2.6 Enterprise Released


Lat week we released Mule ESB 2.2.6 Enterprise. This release represents the most stable version of Mule ESB, with over 350 bug fixes since Mule ESB 2.2.1 Community.