Why use jBPM with Mule?


Mule integrates with jBPM, allowing you to send/receive messages to/from a running process. A message from Mule can start or advance a process, the message can be used as a process variable, and a process can send messages to any endpoint in your Mule config.

Note to Businesses: Take the SOA, Leave the Buzz

February 23 2010


In a recent post by Loraine Lawson on ITBusinessEdge, an informal survey was cited that referenced a majority of mid-market CIOs who “said they had no current business need for SOA.” I was a little surprised by the headline since MuleSoft continues to see tremendous adoption of our open source Mule ESB and subscriptions of our enterprise version among companies I would describe as mid-market. So, I decided to read further and try to learn more.

Noteworthy new features in Mule ESB Enterprise

December 16 2009


With the release of Mule ESB 2.2.4 Enterprise Edition, there are several new and interesting capabilities that have been enhanced in Mule. Reading through the release notes, you might miss them, so I decided to highlight them here on the blog.

WS-Security and SAML for Mule


Mule has had support for WS-Security via CXF for some time now, but Mule 2.2.4 Enterprise goes a bit further still with the inclusion of the Mule SAML Module and a new WS-Security example. In this article, I will step through the WS-Security example so that you can see the different possibilities available for incorporating WS-Security into your Mule application.

Mule ESB once again named top open source ESB by InfoWorld

September 1 2009


In their annual 2009 Bossie Awards, InfoWorld once again named Mule ESB as the #1 open source ESB, in the “Best of Open Source Platforms and Middleware” category.

Webinar: Scalable SOA with GigaSpaces and Mule

February 10 2009


I am presenting a webinar with GigaSpaces tomorrow on Scalable SOA where we’ll be introducing a powerful joint solution integrating GigaSpaces’ XAP with the open source Mule ESB.

This webinar is intended for developers and architects looking for an end-to-end SOA solution, featuring application resiliency, failover and linear scalability

During this 1-hour event Uri Cohen, Product Manager at GigaSpaces and myself will introduce the joint solution and discuss the underlying details around how the Mule/GigaSpaces integration works.