Announcing Tcat Server 6 R3


We released Tcat Server 6 R3 today. This release packs features that were directly a result of customer feedback. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Support for Tomcat 7.0 beta – Tomcat 7.0 beta was recently announced.  Our engineers have been working with Tomcat 7.0 to support it as soon as it came out. You can now manage Tomcat 7.0 instances as well as Tomcat 6 and 5.5 instances. We are currently the first and only vendor in the world that provides enterprise Tomcat for versions 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0 beta.
  • Easiest way to run Tomcat as a Windows service – we didn’t stop at providing a way to run Tomcat as a Windows service, we integrated it with installer and provided tools that make it very easy to run Tomcat and Tcat Server console as a windows service. By running Tomcat as a Windows service, you can eliminate the need to have an administrator account logged into the server all the time.
  • Super-simple deploymentTcat Server already has an easy to use interface to deploy web applications to one or more Tomcat instances. We are taking this further by providing an easier way to upgrade a deployed application by simply clicking on an upgrade icon. We also made it easy to upload a new application or use the one that you already have in the inbuilt repository. Based on feedback from users, we changed the term from “package” to “deployment.” In prior versions, you were creating a package, starting with this R3 release, you create a “Deployment” – this is done to avoid any confusion with the overloaded term “package.”