Batch improvements in Mule 3.8 – Mutable commit blocks


Hello there! If you’ve been using Mule for a while now, you probably remember that the batch module was introduced back in the 3.5 release. If you’re not familiar with it, you can familiarize yourself by following these links:

We received a lot of love for this feature, is No.1 on the AppExchange!


We are on a mission to simplify integration at every level, whether that be large scale service orientation, legacy integration, SaaS automation, mobility enablement or even data loading.  For those not familiar with, its a cloud service offered by MuleSoft that allows SalesForce users to upload, download and delete data.  This is an important task, before any SaaS application is useful you need to load data into it.

Integrating Salesforce in 30 minutes – all demo, no slides


With Mule Studio DataMapper, Cloud Connectors, new management functions and so much more, developing with Mule was made significantly simpler in the latest release.  Join Albin Kjellin, MuleSoft Enterprise Architect, for a walkthrough of the new Mule in action.

This is a live action webinar: all demos, no slides.

Salesforce Goes Real-time

February 28 2012


With the recent Spring 12 release of Salesforce very few would have noticed a little unsung feature that will change the way many applications interact with with Salesforce. The Streaming API went GA and allows to listen to changes to objects in the Salesforce platform rather than polling.   Salesforce joins the ranks of other leading APIs such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that all offer real-time APIs to enable users to consume data in real-time,