Test Drive Tcat Server in the Cloud


Tcat Server remains the most intuitive and easy to use product for enterprise Tomcat users. In the most recent release, we made Tcat Server even easier to try.  Since we launched the product several months ago, downloads for Tcat Server have been increasing exponentially, but we wanted to find a way to reach yet more users that will benefit from using Tcat Server.

Tomcat Performance Tuning Tips

September 16 2009


I often get questions about how to tune Tomcat for better performance.  It is usually best to answer this only after first spending some time understanding the installation of Tomcat, the web site’s traffic level, and the web applications that it runs.  But, there are some general performance tips that apply regardless of these important details.  In general, Tomcat performs better when you:

So, how is MuleSoft Tcat Server different from other ‘enterprise Tomcat’ offerings?


One of the joys of launching a new product is that you get to watch near real-time feedback on your product releases on twitter, blogosphere and other social media sites. Our launch of MuleSoft Tcat Server was no different – people are tweeting and commenting on blogs. In addition to the social media, we also had people contact us with questions and suggestions.

One question we received is how are you different from other “enterprise Tomcat” offerings?