Load Balancing Apache Tomcat using IIS

December 8 2011


Front-ending Apache Tomcat with Apache Web Server or IIS is sometimes thought to improve performance. However, performance of Tomcat standalone has already been known to be very good. So why add IIS or Apache web server in front of it? – the answer is scalability and maintenance. Front-ending Tomcat with such web servers allows you to add more instances in case of increased load and also bring down instances for maintenance/upgrades.

This blog shows you end-to-end,

Tomcat 7 Voted Stable, Tomcat 6 No Longer the Latest Stable

January 14 2011

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Tomcat 7.0.6 has just been voted the first Tomcat 7 stable release! This makes Tomcat 6.0.x only a supported stable release, not the latest stable as it had been for several years. A little more than a half a year ago we saw the first 7.0.0 beta release, which was exciting, but now the first stable release is ready to use.

A major branch stable Tomcat release is an infrequent event —

Tcat R4.3: Solaris support, alerts for server groups, cross platform server profiles, and more


We’re very happy to announce Tcat 6 R4.3. This latest release of Tcat Server builds on Tcat 6 R4, making life even easier for Tomcat users. Enhancements in this release include:

  • Solaris support: Driven by customer demand, Tcat Server now includes a Solaris installer and deeply integrates with the Solaris 10 Service Management Framework (SMF), supporting standard service querying, stops, starts, and restarts.

Tomcat 7.0.0 Beta is Out

June 29 2010


Many of you reading this have already seen the Apache Software Foundation’s press release about Tomcat 7.0.0 — it was voted beta quality on June 25th, and the Tomcat 7 web pages went live on the Tomcat project web site this morning. It looks wonderful! Congratulations to the Tomcat development team on a year and a half of Tomcat 7 development! This first beta release of the Tomcat 7 branch is a major step forward in that it implements the Java Servlet 3.0 API,