CloudHub Release 40 – Enhanced Usability for MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

October 27 2014


CloudHub Release 40 merges components of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform (CloudHub and Anypoint Platform for APIs) into a single seamless user experience. In addition, it delivers a host of usability features, including:

  • Advanced identity and access management
  • Support for multiple production environments
  • Application resource monitoring

Read on for all the details.

Mule Studio Gets New Flow Refactoring


Have you ever tried to move already created elements through the canvas in Mule Studio? Well, if you did, you may have figured out that the elements weren’t moved at all. You would probably have seen a black box while you were dragging elements into the canvas and nothing else; the elements were not transported.

Drag and drop support is important because when users use a tool like Mule Studio,

Clustering done right

October 5 2011


In Mule 3.2 a group of stand-alone Mule instances can be configured to act as a cluster. One or more applications runs in each instance – or node – and the cluster processes requests as if a single unit. A node goes down, the application is still running; the more nodes, the more throughput. And the more nodes, the greater the headache. How many Putty sessions are you already running, let alone a group of new sessions to manage all those nodes?