First release including the new XMPP transport


Until recently, the XMPP transport was developed on its own feature branch to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the regular Mule 3 development.

I’ve been blogging recently about the usefulness of the transport. That blog post included a link to a custom bamboo build plan from which you could download a Mule distribution that included the new XMPP transport. Dowloading a full Mule release just to try out a new transport seems overly complex.

The new XMPP transport says hello world

February 25 2010


It has been a while since I last blogged about the new XMPP transport for Mule ESB. I’ve been making slow progress since then, but I’ve finally arrived at a point where the transport is starting to be useable. I’d like to show that by building a simple jabber client using the XMPP and stdio transports.

Revamping the XMPP transport

September 17 2009


Some time ago I wanted to do a Mule demo. I’m a Jabber fan so I wanted to use the XMPP transport for the demo.

I soon found out that the XMPP transport in its current form doesn’t work with real world Jabber servers any more. SSL connections are negotiated through TLS now and authentication seems to involve SASL – two things that the outdated smack version we’re using for the XMPP transport cannot currently do.