MuleSoft Named “Best Cloud Data Integration Software” by G2 Crowd

January 24 2017

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G2 Crowd Award Blog Post

We were proud and delighted that Anypoint Platform was named the Best Cloud Data Integration Software for Enterprise Development Teams by G2 Crowd. G2 Crowd rates products and vendors based on reviews for its user community; that means that the people who are using Anypoint Platform enjoy using it and rate it well. We’re proud of our developer community and are very happy that Anypoint Platform is popular and well-used.

The sound of success in microservices with MuleSoft and Spotify

October 26 2016

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Every business needs to stay agile. Every business wants to improve their speed. Every business wants to innovate faster. And they want to achieve these things not only today, not only tomorrow but for years in the future. This is true for established businesses dealing with digital disruption, but also the disrupters themselves. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Spotify, the world’s most popular and powerful streaming music service, has implemented MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ to improve business agility and operational efficiency.

How Unilever is embracing API transformations

June 27 2016

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Unilever is a company that houses some of the world’s largest consumer brands such as Lipton, Vaseline, and Dove. With its large and ever expanding portfolio of products, it becomes an increasingly difficult process to integrate systems across seamlessly for business needs like supply chain management and sale processes. Knowing this, Unilever during the last three years started taking steps to decommission its legacy tools while speeding up its integration processes in parallel. It is no easy feat, but together with MuleSoft, Unilever has made huge leaps of progress towards API transformation.

Acquiring a big company? Here’s what you need to know to make M&A integration work.

Microsoft announced on June 13, 2016 that it had agreed to acquire LinkedIn for $26 billion. But after the press releases go flying and the champagne is popped, the real challenges begin. If Microsoft’s experience is anything like what our customers tell us, integrating IT systems in a M&A situation is as important – and often as challenging – as cultural compatibility. If you’re absorbing a big company, or even acquiring a small one, how can you make the IT integration go smoothly?

European IT decision makers under pressure to deliver faster than ever

January 13 2016

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We recently surveyed 800 IT professionals across Europe to find out the pressures they are facing as well as how they’re using APIs to improve their businesses. The results were clear – moving faster and becoming more agile are the top priorities for IT execs in 2016.

Holiday shopping on your mobile phone

December 23 2015

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2015 is shaping up to be one of the most mobile friendly holiday shopping seasons ever. Adobe predicts that for the first time, mobile will drive the majority of shopping traffic. Google has shown that 1 trillion dollars of retail sales were influenced by mobile search in 2015, and 53% of us – up from 41% last year – shopped online using a mobile phone or tablets.

The rising value of APIs

December 21 2015

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There’s an argument that data is the most valuable resource a company has. As consumers and businesses use more web and mobile apps, and companies use data to provide personalized experiences for their customers, and analysts use data to make real-time decisions, it is becoming clear that the discoverability and presentation of data is increasingly important to how businesses function.

Anypoint Studio and Cloudhub integrated UI release

December 16 2015

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We recently launched an enhanced CloudHub deployment for Studio feature.

This new interface allows users to deploy Studio projects to CloudHub as if they were using CloudHub in the browser, providing all the features and settings needed to get your app up and running.

My top 5 predictions for 2016

December 8 2015

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It’s no surprise that business is changing dramatically. The potential afforded by digital transformation could have dramatic effects on companies’ growth, scalability, and revenue. Here are the top 5 trends that I think will have a major effect on businesses next year:


Upcoming webinar: Top secrets of API security

November 19 2015

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The importance of security

In April 2013, hackers hijacked the Associated Press’ Twitter account to post one fake tweet about two bombs exploding at the White House and the President being injured. As a result, the stock market went into a 143-point free-fall before the hoax was exposed and Dow Jones Industrial Index recovered. The entire episode may have only lasted 3 minutes, but thanks to programmed trading, billions of dollars can be made or lost in milliseconds. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure how much real damage was done during this episode since the Dow’s recovery didn’t necessarily unwind the losses many incurred when that hoax erased more than $136 billion in market value.