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APIs have become a strategic necessity for your business. They facilitate agility and innovation. However, the financial incentive associated with this agility is often tempered with the fear of undue exposure of the valuable information that these APIs expose. With data breaches now costing $400M or more, senior IT decision makers are right to be concerned about API security.

In an upcoming webinar, API Security Best Practices, MuleSoft Senior Solutions Consultant Nial Darbey will talk about the chief things you need to know about when implementing your API security strategy. He’ll also discuss how MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform can keep your APIs secure.

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Attendees will:

  • Explore in depth the main security concerns about developing and managing APIs.
  • Take a close look at how the IT industry has responded to those concerns.
  • Be introduced to solutions to managing and hosting APIs that are secure according to the highest industry standards.

Join us on Wednesday, January 27, at 10 AM Pacific.

Tim Prendergast, former Adobe Security Team Lead, says “there are far too many APIs being cranked out in such a short period of time… there is no way that they have all been properly secured and built.” Make sure your APIs are properly secured at the beginning of the development process – be sure to attend this webinar.