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How are individuals being married to technology? In lots of ways, it turns out. Ross Mason has an article in Entrepreneur this week all about ways in which we’re all developing a closer relationship with our mobile phones and other types of devices. Let’s get a closer look!

Financial Services. Consumers want ways to ease the payment process and get real-time banking information. So, says Ross, “to meet these demands from consumers, financial institutions broke down their monolithic systems into reusable APIs that can be combined to create new digital services.” This means you can deposit a check via your mobile phone, get immediate banking information via an app, or transfer money via your device.

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Healthcare. APIs are playing an increasingly important role in healthcare, but as wearable devices become more prevalent, consumers are taking a bigger role in making healthcare decisions as they now have the information to do it. Ross notes, “These technologies are redefining how physicians and patients collaborate in real time, paving the way for better overall care and hooking consumers on the security and comfort they provide.”

Automotive. As car manufacturers expand the connected universe into vehicles, suddenly the car is becoming an extension of our homes and personal lives. Ross predicts that “in the next few years, car companies will provide 90 percent connectivity through APIs, fostering a closer relationship between individuals and their cars. Cars will no longer serve just as vehicles that move us from point A to point B; in addition, they’ll act as collaborator, entertainer and confidant.” But the connected car isn’t just transforming the in-car experience; the driverless car is becoming a reality.

We are all definitely experiencing a closer relationship with our mobile devices. Does this mean we’re headed to the chapel? Take a look at more resources on how APIs and mobility strategies
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