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Ready to unleash innovation together? Learn how you can empower everyone in your organization to automate anything, integrate data, and connect applications with MuleSoft. From IT to business teams, discover the tools and strategies to do more with less and deliver seamless customer experiences – all while keeping up with surging demands.

The benefits of automation are endless. Today, teams need to increasingly focus on business-critical functions to keep pace with customer expectations, market demands, faster deployment, and risk mitigation. 

Whether B2B or B2C, expectations have evolved with consumer-level experiences for how digitized processes should run for both employees and customers. Yet companies still struggle to keep up. 

That’s why MuleSoft set out to automate everything to empower everyone – because anyone should be able to realize the value of their most innovative visions for a more connected, seamless experience at every level of the organization. 

Get insight into the key spheres where automation drives the most impact: 

  • Operational excellence 
  • Customer centricity 
  • Employee experience 
Stephen Hsu, SVP of Product Management for MuleSoft at Salesforce

Operational excellence

The race to meet ever-elevating customer expectations can feel like a never-ending emergency. Nearly 90% of consumers anticipate companies will accelerate their digital initiatives this year. With greater expectations from customers, top business leaders must deliver new products and lasting experiences, adjust to changes in the marketplace quickly, and make business processes smooth and invisible to the end consumer – all with absolute agility.

Rather than add to workloads, it’s time to eliminate manual work streams with end-to-end automation so IT has time to do what they do best: innovate. That’s where MuleSoft Composer, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, and robotic process automation (RPA) come in. 

With RPA, you can automate manual tasks and get data from any user interface that APIs can’t, automate business processes using low-code tools with MuleSoft Composer, and build off legacy systems with easy, guided instructions. Teams are empowered to capture manual workflows and transform them into RPA assets for further configurations so hours of work can be done in seconds. 

Ready to give your teams the ability to pivot quickly and respond to shifting markets? Here, you can sample a technical demo led by MuleSoft Senior Product Marketing Manager Rei Liao. It’s perfect for developers and architects who want to see how RPA, Composer, and Anypoint Platform seamlessly integrate so business users and developers can start working together to accelerate digital initiatives. 

“With MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and RPA, you can progress toward a more connected, composable enterprise with building blocks that you can reuse and share securely without building a thing.” 

– Rei Liao

Customer centricity

Whether B2B or B2C, the customer has never been more important. It’s a given that customers demand connected, personalized digital experiences. You need to be in lockstep every step of the way if you want to meet expectations and retain customer loyalty. 

Today, over 93% of businesses around the world are implementing automation to boost productivity so employees spend less time on administrative tasks and more quality time meeting customer needs. Fewer errors mean increased customer confidence and satisfaction. And happy customers? They’re in the driver’s seat of your business. 

What does cutting-edge customer centricity look like in practice? Product Marketing Manager Ben Spicer details what this looks like in the following video, which features accessible, yet detailed use case scenarios and play-by-play explanations of how to take the work out of workflows

This includes a product use case, Salesforce Flow demo, and a striking customer use case featuring Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) US Wealth Management. RBC wanted to remove friction in a lengthy, weeks-long onboarding process. 

“With the new digital customer experience, RBC Wealth Management reduced the IT team’s workload, resulting in a 50% drop in maintenance costs.”

– Ben Spicer

And that weeks-long onboarding process? It’s now just 24 minutes. 

Check out the full case study for more on how business automation accelerates delivery of the best customer experience.

The employee experience

Like the IT strivers leading the charge for operational excellence, business users are just as motivated to innovate. Naturally, business teams want a hand in improving customer experiences, driving business goals, and improving their own teams’ experiences. Their vision and experience brings great potential for improving internal flows, too, because happy employees mean happier customers. 

Without technical skills, business users’ best, most innovative ideas might fall prey to IT bottlenecks and other dependencies. And what’s more, IT needs to control the influx of innovations and ideas. That’s why MuleSoft delivers solutions to help bring everyone to the table so organizations can scale seamlessly and with agility. 

With operational efficiency, there’s more room for employees to flex their most valuable skills when and where they matter most: together. 

MuleSoft Senior Product Marketing Manager Parth Shah interviews State Street Bank’s VP and Systems Manager, Rama Dantuluri, about how he single-handedly implemented automated processes for the M&A process to unlock a 360-degree customer view across portfolios.

Dantuluri shares that using MuleSoft to automate “allowed [State Street] to expedite the process in fewer than two weeks.” 

“Historically speaking, this would have taken several months if not longer. We were able to democratize all of this data through a unified view and have it be contextually available to all of our users – not just limited to [IT executives].” 

– Rama Dantuluri

Take a few minutes to hear how Composer for Salesforce allows business users to automate processes without having to write a line of code. 

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The future truly is composable 

Now, each component of the organization can have a hand in realizing the business value of innovative thinking. Whether it’s building connected customer experiences or the ability to scale with changing market demands, the benefits of automation are unmistakable. 

Thanks for taking the time to explore the future of work and automation with MuleSoft. We want to know where you are on your automation journey.