Config file wizard

January 12 2009


Creating new Mule configurations can be a tedious task, because you have to know which modules and transports to use and properly declare all namespaces on the root <mule> element of your configuration file.

The latest Mule IDE snapshot adds a wizard for creating a new Mule configuration. Simply choose File > New > Other, and then select Mule Configuration from the Mule category. This will bring up the following wizard:

Simply select the modules and transports you want in your new configuration and click Finish. Mule IDE will generate a configuration file with proper namespace declarations. If a transport or module declares more than one namespace (e.g., the Email transport declares SMTP/S, POP3/S, and IMAP/S) all namespaces will be included in the new configuration.

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4 Responses to “Config file wizard”

  1. […] XML files can be labourious since you need to define the namespaces and schema locations each time (in Eclipse this is much easier). You can greatly simplify this in IntelliJ IDEA by using ‘Live Templates’ (from the Options […]

  2. Hi Dirk,

    I try to install mule ide on eclipse Ganymede.
    but I can NOT find the mule perspective,service editor,pallete and so on.
    What I can find is mule configuration and mule project ( in File  New mule ).
    Can anyone tell me what the problem is?


  3. Thanks for your comments. If you need more help with you implementation, please visit the forums on the muleforge , or join the mailing lists . If you would like someone from mulesource to contact you, please e-mail

  4. […] a previous blog post about the Mule IDE, I described its configuration wizard, which makes it very easy to create a Mule configuration file […]