Mule Enterprise 2.2 Released


We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Mule Enterprise 2.2. This release includes all the great features and bug fixes in the latest Community Release and more. An evaluation of Mule Enterprise 2.2 can be downloaded, or existing customers can access it via the MuleSource Support Portal.

A detailed description of what is new in Mule Enterprise 2.2 can be found on our documentation wiki. Some highlights include:

New and Improved Mule WMQ Transport

The biggest news in 2.2 is the new and improved WebSphere MQ transport. For all the details on what the transport now supports and why you absolutely should be using it if you are connecting to WebSphere MQ, check out the documentation.

Multi-resource Transactions

Multi-resource transactions allow multiple JMS resources to be grouped into a single transaction without the overhead of XA. Read more here.

Certification on HP-UX

Mule Enterprise now includes HP-UX 11i among the platforms tested, certified, and supported.

Retry Policy Enhancements

Building upon the initial support in 2.1 for fault-tolerant JMS connections, Mule Enterprise adds several key improvements as well as support for retry functionality for JDBC and FTP connections. More information here.

Please check back in the coming week for several additional announcements, including:

  • Galaxy 1.5.2 – a maintenance release of Galaxy that will include support for Mule 2.2 distributions
  • RestPack – updated to support 2.2 schema and includes many bug fixes
  • Enterprise Migration Tool – new release that supports migration to 2.2 as well as many new features beneficial in the migration process

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  2. I am really fascinated at what Mule provides. However I have not been able to understand what is the difference between an ESB and a Message Broker, apart from the architectural change. Seems like both provides some functionality in different bottles.