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2015 Technical Sessions

With over 30 sessions, customer case studies, hands on labs, product demonstrations, complimentary certification, and a packed solution expo of MuleSoft certified , CONNECT provides an great opportunity for current users of Anypoint Platform to uplevel their skills. And if you're deciding if MuleSoft's solutions are a good fit for you and your organization, we've designed a 3 day experience that will equip you with the resources to make the right decision.

Here are seven CONNECT 2015 sessions created by developers, for developers:

Introduction to

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Learn why we are the Leaders in API management and iPaaS

MuleSoft experts provide an overview of the the broad set of capabilities available out of the box with Anypoint Platform that drive developer productivity. Infused throughout the demo: best practices for configuring flows, applications, and servers to quickly deliver business agility across a broad set of API-led connectivity use cases.

Anypoint Platform for APIs Deep Dive

API Design, Development and Analytics continue to be key areas where MuleSoft is innovating. Join MuleSoft's API Product Management leadership as they demo recent product features and share our forward-looking roadmap.

How to Build Your Own Connector in 30 Minutes

Learn how to use MuleSoft's SDK, DevKit, to build your own connector. This demo will take you through all the steps of connector development and showcase new and updated features you can leverage today to quickly and easily build your own reusable connector.

Integrating to Unlock Systems of Record

See how you can use Anypoint Platform to connect Salesforce to other applications like SAP. This demo-driven session will show you different ways to integrate Salesforce, including loading SAP customer master data into Salesforce, synchronizing real time updates, creating shared services and developing an agility layer with APIs. Come see Anypoint Platform and Anypoint Data Gateway in action.

APIs in a .NET World

Using RAML tools for .NET? Learn how to build, publish and consume APIs using Visual Studio and the Anypoint Platform.

Delivering Performant, Reliable, and Scalable Apps with Anypoint Platform

Supporting everything from mobile apps with thousands of concurrent users to global deployments processing millions of requests daily, Anypoint Platform has been put to test. In this session, MuleSoft experts will talk through case studies from our most demanding deployments and provide a best practice approach to designing and delivering application to meet the non-functional requirements (e.g. SLAs) of your application.

What's new with Anypoint Platform?

Anypoint Platform continues to evolve in ways that better equip developers, architects, and operations managers to deliver API-led connectivity. In this session, we'll showcase new and upcoming functionality through a set of illustrative demos.

Don't miss the opportunity to engage in an interactive discussion with your peers around connectivity and learn why an API-led connectivity approach can help your teams move faster while maintaining visibility and control.

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